Historischer Grundriss der Riebeckstrasse 63 aus dem späten 19. Jahrhundert

The construction of the municipal workhouse in Riebeckstraße in 1892


The municipal workhouse in Leipzig was built in 1892. The architect was Max Bösenberg. He was a proponent of Historicism and built many villas, houses, factories and publishing houses in Leipzig at the turn of the century. He planned the complex in a simple design, without the appearance of luxury. The buildings were a mixture of living and working spaces, as well as the associated rooms used to supply the inmates.

Historische Quelle von 1935, adressiert an das Wohlfahrtsamt mit dem Betreff "Zuweisung von weil. Insassen für die Arbeitsanstalt"

„Allocation of female inmates to the workhouse“


After the NSDAP came to power in early 1933, the radicalization of social and health policies quickly affected Leipzig’s municipal workhouse. From 1934, it was run by the staunch National Socialist Georg Mühlig, and from 1935 the measures against the various groups interned in Riebeckstraße were drastically intensified.

Historische Quelle mit dem Titel "Heimordnung für das Sonderheim für soziale Betreuung, 705 Leipzig, Riebeckstraße 63"

Home Rules of the Special Home for Social Care at Riebeckstraße 63


In 1954, a home for social care was established at Riebeckstraße 63.